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Goodbye to Season 7

This past year has been amazing. We have had some incredible first ever programs, made great new friends and put on a total of SIX wonderful performances. We can't wait for Season 8 but we're not ready to let go, not just yet. Reminisce with us and enjoy our Awards Banquet slideshow, highlighting all the best moments of Season 7. 

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Our Season 7 School Productions...
You Can't Take it with you posters.png

Every Season our homeschool classes present a variety of productions for the public. These programs represent the original foundation of The Player's Studio. Over the course of the past seven seasons we have done dozens of shows. Head to the Productions page here on the website to get an overview of all the wonderful shows we have done through the years. You'll also have a chance to see two of our new works: The Community Players and our collaboration with the Rio Grande Valley Down Syndrome Association. You can even see some of our programs, too.

You Can't Take it with You

The Vanderhoff/Sycamore Clan is as unusual as they come - eccentric, wacky and totally inconcerned with convention. With a mother who writes plays just because a typewriter was delivered by mistake, a grandfather who collects snakes and stamps, and a sister who dreams of being a ballerina you can bet anything could happen in this household. When more traditional daughter Alice falls for the bosses son, Tony Kirby, the two families must meet eventually. When they do, hilarity becomes the main course in a dinner party gone wrong. You Can't Take it With You is a classic of American stage and a fun romp for all ages. The Players High School class presented this show with not one but TWO amazing casts in the fall of 2023. 

Alvin Fernald, Mayor for A Day

Mrs. Pinkney’s Social Study class has held a mock election and Alvin Fernald has won the day. Alvin gets the chance to be Mayor of his town for one day. He is quick to give all his friends government positions and in no time the middle schoolers have taken over City Hall. Determined to make the most of his position, Alvin gets to work fulfilling his many campaign promises. Afterall, a vote for Alvin is a vote for action. However, in the process the acting Mayor and his City Commissioners are about to discover the underbelly of local government. The Junior Players presented this incredibly funny show in April of 2024.

Little women promotion 1 (1).png
Little Women - An Original Adaptation

Little Women is the classic story of the March sisters. Written by Louisa May Alcott about an American Family in the late 1800’s, this novel has been beloved by generations and has been adapted many times for both film and stage. This version was written especially for The Player’s Studio and follows Jo March as she reflects on her upbringing. Faced with unexpected criticism about her writing, Jo must examine the lessons her family has instilled in her and her sisters to decide what is most worthy in art, life, and love. It is a story that will make you laugh, cry, and think - a story we hope you will love watching as much as we have loved bringing it to life. The Players Performing High School Group presented this beloved tale in May of 2024. 

The Quest of the Four Crystals

The Quest of the Four Crystals introduces audiences to three sisters who find themselves pulled into adventure and fantasy. After stumbling upon a magic book in their local library, Kylie, Alexis and Paula discover the land of Anesta. their only way home is to collect four special crystals. Along their journey they will meet many creatures and make wonderful friends. However, like any good stor, there are twists in this adventure and danger the sisters cannot imagine. This originally crafted script was made by the students of the Young Players Studio. The characters and plot are their creations. The students performed this play for friends and family in April of 2024.

Meet the Graduates of TPS 2024

We are so excited for you to meet the TPS graduating class of 2024. This season we celebrate the accomplishments and future endeavors of 8 incredibly talented young men and women. These seniors, whether they have been with TPS since day one or just a season or two, every one of them will be missed. They have added so much to our program. They have dazzled audiences from A Midsummer's Night Dream to Little Women. We are proud of all of you.

Presenting the Class of 2024!

Esther Cabeza

Manny Cianciotto

John Thomas Culbertson

Hope Irish

Aedyn Kroeker

Josiah McCoy

Matthew Rosario

Kate Wilson


Summer Camp Is Here! 

Our TPS summer is bigger than ever with something for EVERYONE! We will be offering our Summer Shakespeare Intensive for ages 12 to 18 years. But we are also adding all new workshops for all ages (even adults) starting in July. We will be offering Auditioning Techniques with Nikki Rowe Director Isidro Lerma, Basic Acting skills, Arts and Crafts and a three day Fight Choreography workshop with Trey Mikolasky from the University of the Rio Grande Valley. Plus more! All class details can be found by clicking the link. Sign up today and don't miss anything!


Classes and workshops held at CFC church on Trenton Road. The Player's Studio is an indenedent non-profit organization open to all. 

Campers from 2023's production of

Hamlet Gone Wrong


The Community Players

Why let the kids have all the fun?

Community is essential to performing arts, and at The Player's Studio it is our goal to promote community. Cue The Community Player's. Are you a former theatre kid looking to jump back into the drama scene? Maybe you want to try acting or technical theatre for the first time. If so, this program is for you. We are looking for any local community member with a passion for creativity and the desire to be part of something unique and new. Click the registration link below to be added to our email list and join us to make Community theatre happen.


A scene from The Alibis

Promote confidence that lasts a lifetime...

...through quality education in the performing arts.

Our Partnerships

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Recent Productions


Ash Girl

Presented by the high school class in May 2023

The Ash Girl by Timberlake Wertenbaker is a sinister and introspective version of the classic Cinderella story, The Ash Girl must not only face a cruel stepmother and stepsisters. She and the other characters will all have to conquer evils far greater than they even realize. The forest is filled with horrible monsters - the Sins. It is a powerful tale of human weakness and true strength. This play is available through THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY of Woodstock, Illinois. 


A scene from Ash Girl 

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