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Classes and Programs


The Player’s Studio offers a variety of classes and programs for all ages. Our goal with every class is to provide a safe environment for students to explore their artistic talents and build confidence. When you register for a class at The Player's Studio you will be guaranteed a role in the class performance and will have the opportunity to participate in community outreach. 

The Player's Studio Class

Mondays, 1:00 - 3:30 pm

Evolved from the original drama class that started in 2016, The Player's class is our Studio's high school performance class for ages 14 to 18.  This class is focused on learning theater through doing theater. Students in this class will perform twice each school year, fall and spring. Every student enrolled is guaranteed a part in the productions either on stage as an actor or in one of the many vital behind the scenes roles. Students will also participate in staging, props and scenery design, and costuming. This allows our students the chance to explore all avenues of the theater and discover their unique interests and talents. Experience is not necessary to participate in this class.


The Junior Player's Class 

Mondays, 4:00 - 5:30 pm

The Junior Player's Studio, or JPS, is our class for middle school students ages 11-13. The JPS group offers a combination of theater classroom work and performance. Each school year the class will perform at least one play, and in some years may perform twice. Class topics will include Script Writing, Improv skills, Theatrical Jobs and Skills, Monologues, and History of the Theater. As with all of our classes, students who are enrolled in the program are guaranteed a part in every production, some on the stage and some behind the scenes. It is our hope that students from this level will advance into The Player's performing group with experiences that will allow them to thrive in the world of performing arts. 

The Young Player's Class 

Mondays, 10:00 - 11:45 am

The Young Player's Studio (YPS) is the Studio's class focused on students ages 6-10. Sometimes called the Younglings, this class was officially the second to be added to the Studio's roster. Like The Junior's class, this group is a combination of classroom work and performance. Students will perform one play each school year, and like all our classes, every enrolled student is guaranteed a part either on stage or behind the scenes. Class topics will include Basic Theater, Puppetry, Introduction to Character design, Introduction to Theater Jobs and Collaborative Script Writing. Our goal in this class is to develop an early love for performing arts and to impart the skills to succeed in more advanced levels. In addition, drama is an excellent way to enhance literary skills for even the youngest child.


Volunteers and Mentorships

Forming confidence for life is a major goal of The Player's Studio and our volunteer program is an essential part of meeting that goal. Older students who have participated in the previous classes and showed particular interest or aptitude in leadership will be given the opportunity to assist in younger classes. Past volunteers have acted as Light and Sound Technicians, Stage Managers, Props Masters and Assistant Teachers. In their role the volunteer not only helps in making sure the productions are a success, but will also have the chance to both be mentored by Studio staff and to mentor younger students. 

Summer Camps

The Player's Studio currently offers two summer camp programs, one for middle/high school students ages 12-18 and a second for young students ages 6-12. These are intense programs that run for a duration of three weeks in the early summer. Students will meet each weekday and produce a full length play from start to finish. The camp culminates with a one night performance to showcase all the hard work. But make no mistake, we also play hard. and have a lot of fun. Our summer programs follow a traditional summer stock model in which we utilize as many props, sets and costumes from previous performances as possible. Not only is this efficient but it helps keep costs lower for our students. Even if you've never participated in drama before, this program is for you! 


Outreach Programs

Community Outreach through performing arts is the latest addition to The Player's Studio slate of programming. Through this new opportunity students from all classes can volunteer to participate in shows specifically produced for the community. Our very first outreach show was called Variety and was an old vaudeville style production featuring monologues, one act plays and skits, shorts scenes and poetry. This show was produced for the residents of McAllen Mobile home park. We hope this will be just the first of many such productions we will add to this program in the very near future. 

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